The process is labor intensive. It is of the past in such a fast forward world.

I am fortunate to collect wood from fallen oak trees from my hometown of Lebec, California. This wood is the fuel for Emmylou – the firing takes roughly 4 hours before the coals are raked and the hearth swept prior to loading the loaves.

Whole grains are sourced from farms I trust and stone ground into fresh flour every week. For bread, a portion of this whole wheat flour is used along with other specific flour blends sourced from the experts over at Central Milling, whether bread or pastry, occasionally I may highlight the wholegrain and not blend flours. The dough is hand mixed and a wild yeast starter (aka sourdough) is used for depth of flavor and to help the dough slowly rise.

After the bread bake, the temperature of the oven drops to what’s just right for baking pastry or pie. I focus on items featuring local seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Butter comes from Humboldt Creamery.

Whether it’s bread, pastry, pie, or the pizza dinners, my commitment to baking in Emmylou has always been to highlight regional ingredients and traditional techniques.

It is my pleasure to immerse myself in this world of baking and I thank you all for the interest and support.

Yours in bread,








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